Roman Anin
Roman Anin

I actually always dreamed of becoming a footballer. So, for many years I played football at various sports schools. But it didn’t happen. I felt depressed because of this for some time — I just didn’t know what I wanted to do.

However, one very bad football commentator pulled me out of my depression. It’s a shame I don’t remember his name, but I would gladly thank him for the fact that, because of him, I discovered journalism.

I was 17 years old. I was watching a game on the television and he was doing some really terrible commentary, just awful — it wasn’t just like he’d never played football before, but like he’d never even seen a game. And then I thought, I can definitely do a better job than him. That’s how I decided to become a journalist.

Then came the Faculty of Journalism at Moscow State University, the murder of my colleague, the “Panama Papers”, a year of studying at Stanford, and in between all of this, lots and lots of articles (some successful, others not).

And now my colleagues and I have decided to create “Important Stories”.


Pulitzer Prize for participating in the “Panama Papers” investigation (Novaya Gazeta, OCCRP)
Artyom Borovik Prize (Novaya Gazeta)
Youlian Semyonov Prize (Novaya Gazeta)
Andrey Sakharov Prize (Novaya Gazeta)
Knight International Journalism Award (Novaya Gazeta)
Overseas Press Club of America, Steve Forbes award for international business reporting (Reuters)
Society of American Business Editors and Writers Award in the category of “Best in Business – International-Investigative” (Reuters)
ICFJ Knight Trailblazer Award (Important Stories)

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20 June
Editors, Maria Zholobova, Roman Anin, Alesya Marokhovskaya, Irina Dolinina, Dmitry Velikovsky, Daniel Balint-Kurti, Robert Denis, Misha Gagarin, Kevin G. Hall, Ekaterina Selivanova, Graham Stack, Tom Stocks, Julia Wallace, Giacomo Tognini, Ben Cowdock, Abdelhak El Idrissi , Jyri Hänninen, Minna Knus-Galan, Cecilia Anesi, Sanita Jemberga, Holger Roonemaa, Ilya Lozovsky
Leaked Emails Reveal How Putin’s Friends Dodged Sanctions With Help of Western Enablers