Refugees 2022. A documentary film by Important stories
How they lose, escape, and help during the war
Refugees 2022. A documentary film by Important stories

The number of refugees who were forced to leave Ukraine after the start of the war is approaching 7 million people. Most of them had to escape for the unknown, fleeing Russian aggression. Overnight, everything they had was taken away from them: a house, a peaceful happy life, and plans for the future. Tens of thousands of Ukrainians have lost their families and loved ones.

The picture of Irina Filkina — a woman with a red manicure from Bucha — has become a symbol of the war crimes of the Russian army in Ukraine. Her daughters managed to evacuate from the occupied Kyiv region. They were looking for their mother for more than a month.

In our film, we have collected several stories of people. Despite all the losses that they had to endure, they found the strength to help other people.

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