The Voices of the War in Ukraine

The month of Putin’s war in Ukraine is being told by the voices of people on both front lines in the IStories’ film

29 Mar 2022
The Voices of the War in Ukraine
Photo: Scanpix / LETA

More than a month ago, on February 24, Vladimir Putin started the war in Ukraine. 3.7 million Ukrainians became refugees. According to the UN alone, 1,104 civilians were killed, including 96 children. These numbers could be much higher. The war in Ukraine is the first full-scale armed conflict in Europe since World War II, which we can literally watch in real-time. From the first person of a soldier who has attached a video camera to his helmet, from the point of view of civilians filming shells hitting their homes; we hear the voices of mothers on both sides of the front, mourning their dead sons or not believing their terrible stories about what is really happening in Ukraine, because the words of their sons contradict what they say on TV. This is the first war in history, whose chronicle we will remember not so much from eyewitness accounts as from videos on TikTok.

IStories gathered these disparate voices of the war — Ukrainians and Russians, military and civilians, propagandists and their victims — into one story. See what happened in Ukraine over the past month with the voices of those who are experiencing this horror and those who caused it.

The video contains fragments of Russian military conversations intercepted by the Ukrainian special services. Under war conditions, it is impossible to confirm the authenticity of these records. But we considered it necessary to include these short fragments in our story because their content does not contradict what our numerous sources, acquaintances, and other participants in the armed conflict say about the war.